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Organic SEO vs PPC Facts
The most current stats on marketing budget spent versus the results : SEO drives 75%+ of all search traffic, yet garners less than 15% of marketing budgets for SEM campaigns. PPC receives less than 25% of all search traffic, yet earns 80%+ of SEM campaign budgets.

With that being said, organic listings actually tend to produce much more traffic for the same search phrase, all things being equal. In general the majority of studies show users are three to five times more likely to click on a site in the organic listings as to click on a paid ad in the search engines.

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Search Engine Optimization Services

Advanced Internet Marketing is a full service Search Engine Optimization and Internet Marketing firm located in Charleston, South Carolina. Our proven approach to search engine optimization and internet marketing has provided our clients with long term and far reaching results.

Since 1996, Advanced Internet Marketing has worked with clients large and small, in a wide range of industries improving the effectiveness of their online presence. Our internet marketing campaigns have time and time again provided our clients with increased traffic, higher conversions, increased sales and improved lead generation.

Not your Average SEO Company ...

Most search engine optimization companies base their contract and your marketing plan on a set number of keywords and do not allow for changes.

At Advanced Internet Marketing you are never locked into a specific set of keywords. We realize that market trends change and so do your keywords. We work with your web pages, and continually grow your keyword target base.

What’s behind our Search Engine Optimization Services?

  • Initial Consultation identify measurable objectives i.e., rankings, traffic, leads, sales, focusing on your expectations and the final goals you expect from your site.
  • Site Review, to evaluate if your web site is search engine friendly” and make recommendations and necessary improvements or revisions.
  • Competitive Analysis identifying your site’s current position in relation to your competitors and determine if and how your competitors have optimized their sites.
  • Extensive Keyword Research using a primary and secondary process that generates hundreds of potential keyword search terms, evaluating the relevancy, frequency of use and competitiveness of each search term.
  • Content Optimization of your site using the search terms determined to be the most effective in targeting your online audience. Only ethical search engine optimization practices will be used in the recommended changes to the content of your site.

Also Included in our Search Engine Optimization Services…

  • Link building strategies. We will submit your site to general and industry specific directories. Inbound links are important ranking factors. We will only solicit quality, complimentary and non-competitive sites to link to your site that will increase your link popularity.
  • Local Search Marketing. Properly list your site in all relevant local search engines and Internet Yellow Pages allowing your site to be seen as an industry leader in your specific market, for your area.
  • Web site Marketing Analytics is the doorway into evaluating and monitoring the effectiveness of your search engine optimization campaign. It gives us the opportunity to measure and study the behavior of the visitors coming to your web site.
  • Promotion Strategy Adjustments. Continual monitoring of web marketing analytic information provides critical information that allows us to track the changing trends of your market and adjust your search engine optimization campaign to reflect theses changes.
  • Last, but not least, you are provided with Monthly Reports detailing your rankings in the major search engines, site traffic, analytic data and conversions (actions taken on your site that calculate revenue and ROI). This information is analyzed and presented in a report that is easy to read with strategies on what actions should be addressed in reaction to the reported data.

Our Fees for Search Engine Optimization Services

Our fee's are based on the size of your site's campaign and the specific needs to target your market.

Contact us today for a free quote and lets discuss how we can help you get the results you expect from an optimization campaign.