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Advanced Internet Marketing Self-Help Tips for better Search Engine Rankings

Tips for Search Engine Rankings

Search Engine Ranking Tips and Articles There are no secrets in search engine optimization, and no, it is not rocket science either. It is however, a time consuming process that involves research and processing the information gathered into a strategy that will work for your site.

The first and most important step is to know your market. Research and define the keyword phrases. What keywords will bring you the most visitors that are seeking your product or services? The very essence of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is to increase the visitors to your site using keywords that are directly targeted at your market/industry and to achieve high rankings in the search engines using the keywords.

It’s not about tricking the search engines; it’s about building a better site and understanding what it takes to be a leader in your market.  This page is dedicated to offering you free tips and tools to achieve those goals.

Check back frequently, as we are continuing to add new information and tools for our visitors to learn how to build a better site and maximize their search engine optimization efforts.

Define your Goals
Step one to Search Engine Optimization is to know your market. You have to know where you are going before you can get there. Sound familiar? If you do not have a plan that defines what your desired results are you will end up with a huge list of cluttered keywords that will not provide the results that you are looking for.

Research in-depth what keywords will deliver the most quality traffic to your site. One of my favorite tools to track estimated daily traffic of keywords and related search terms is SEO for Firefox. This is an awesome program and best of all it is free.

For information on all the features and benefits of SEO for Firefox, click on this link - SEO for Firefox.

Identify your Competitors
By knowing who is holding the front page positions you can see what they are doing to get that position and “one up” them, so to speak.. This does not mean spamming your pages with keywords or copying web sites that are positioned well. That practice is seriously frowned at and will more than likely get your site banned from many of the search engines.

Content Optimization
Content optimization is perhaps one of the most important factors in achieving high rankings in the major search engines for your web site. It is the content of your site that will sell your products and make known to your visitors what services or information your site has to offer. It is the content of your site that the search engines will use to determine where and if to place your site in their index. Want more detailed information on How to Optimize the Content of your Site?

Ethical Search Engine Optimization
SEO guidelines originate with the search engines. Each search engine has its own set of rules, which are clearly posted for all to see. It is laid out in black and white as to what “to do” and what “not to do.” So, if the search engines are stating the rules, what is all the controversy about? For more information on our opinion about Ethical search engine optimization.

Search Engine Friendly Sites
This is term I am asked to define many times over, I hope this article on "What Makes A Site Search Engine Friendly”? will be helpful to you. This article not only addresses what makes a site search engine friendly, it all explains how to make your site "user friendly" as well.